Theatre in the Dark: Carpe Diem
This is Not a Theatre Company

Sept. 7-Oct.6

A multi-sensory theatre piece with food that takes place entirely in the dark. Smell, taste, and touch your way through this nourishing ode to joy, and let it awaken your autonomous sensory meridian responses. Choreograph the Dance of Chocolate. Savor life. Carpe diem. Presented in rep with Play!

Conceived and directed by Erin B Mee | Performed by the Company

Tickets available here.


A New Play Festival

El Mauerkrankheit, by J. Stephen Brantley
Directed by Nicole Orabona

Sept. 27, Oct. 3, Oct. 5
The New Ohio

Nicole makes her directorial debut in the Wet Paint Festival - a palette of new short-plays based on one theme: walls.

El Mauerkrankheit by J. Stephen Brantley, dir. Nicole Orabona, featuring Victoria Ford & Ashley Kristeen Vega
In the year 2023, a young Latina professional returns to her childhood home on the U.S.-Mexico border where her ailing mother lives in the shadow of a sixteen-foot wall. Could it be the wall itself that is making her sick?

Tickets available here.